Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm lucky to have best friends. But if I were to be alone, I guess the best way is to adapt with the situation. It'll be awkward to eat by your own, walk to class every morning with only books, and talk to the walls in the room, but if there's nobody suits you, then why bother trying to suit others. I've much respect for those who rather be alone than with bunch of people. They're different. And they stick strongly on their stands. But it's different when the person is alone cause nobody likes him/her because of bad dispositions. 

If no one's willing to treat you the way you wanted, treat others the way you wish they would treat you. Sooner or later, they'll see what kind of person you are, and willing to tolerate with your needs. I met with lots of people throughout my life, I knew so many characters which I love and loathe.

I think, we need to be a good friend, to have good friends. Support others, so that others will have your back when you need them , its all about give and take. And never ever make as if the world revolves only around YOU. Yes, you are pretty, and yes, you feel that all everywhere you go, you'll get turn heads, but instead of just saying the word "I" a million times a day, try to get use to the word "you". We need to listen to our friends, and not be the only story tellers. 
I believe each of our friends represent a part of us, thats why if we want to change others, we need to change ourselves first. Be your own best friend, to own one. 

p/s : special thanks to D**** *****N

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  1. TQ Fara for the tips..

    makin dewasa, makin byk masalah yg menerkam...hurm, mmg bagus kalo sama2 berusaha & jgn hanya mengharap...huhuhu