Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mana hilang woi?

Hai assalamualaikum everyone!
Wow its been too long since i'm not updating anything here.
Ouh sangat pemalas farahin ni!
Actually, not really pemalas.
 But sometimes you have something urgent and need-to-do things to complete.
So i prefer that things first! 

So today I would like to share something about Johor Bharu.
And yeah, first I am not Johorean.
I'm just gonna to share a bit because I just love johor and i have went there for 3 times.
(okay 3 kali je, da nak share2. whateverr!)
And, if u guys want to know...... I love Johorean!!!!!
Sampai 1 tahap, i told my ibu that i just want to married with Johor people! 
Haha farahin, you are so gedik!
The thing is, I love to be in Johor and easy i can often visit Singapore!
Haaaa nampak tak permainan di situ? Hee
So any johorean here? Hello? Haha!

Okay. Last week me and family stay at Embassy Hotel in JB.
The hotel or i can say it apartment, it was just nice.
everything goes well and i love the environment!
But the most surprisingly was, there are too many car wash along the street!
Along the street okayyy. pls noted. 
Ya Allah, too many okayyyy.
Dalam 1 jalan, we can say there are almost 10-12 of car wash places.
Like seriouslyy, in KL ingat senang ke nak jumpa car wash banyak2 dalam satu jalan?
Not at all laa.
And the best part was, tempat diorang murah2!
For my dad's car it just rm10!
Since my father's car are bigger than the normal car. 
(mungkin sbb tu 10ringgit. kalau normal, 5-6ringgit je. murah kan!)

this is the placee! thumbs up!

Sepanjang kat JB, makan semua makanan ringan2 je.
Especially kat hotel!
Sushi, mcD, breads, koko krunch.
Banyak kan? nampak tak?
Ibu yg prepared all this things.
And yeahh, kat sana pon banyak jual durian like Kl now!
So, kitorg makan durian tak hengat dunia!
It was really awesome memories especially when all your family members were there!
Seriously i feel like going for a holiday lagii!
(jgn tanya mana tmpat2 best kat jb, sebab my dad just bedal je. plus we are not johorean maaa.
but semua tempat yg we pergi sangat awesome!)

Okay guys.
I've made this entry for suka2 since I just came back from JB. 
Actually there are many more things I would like to share.
But for this time, maybe only this.
So check this out for the picta there!
(banyak gamba kat hotel je.sebab keluar tak bawak camera. haha)

meet my ibu :) 

 the only brotha! 
 rashidi's daughter :)

sushi anyone?