Wednesday, March 6, 2013

getting older but not necessarily wiser

Hye all!
Assalamualaikummm everyone.
Well, last 3rd March was my 22nd bornday!
Hoorraayy, alhamdulilahh :)
Thank you Allah for still giving me the chance to live among all the people that i loves in this world! 
May this year become a good and valuable year for me!
Especially in career :D 

So, while getting stress with all the journals and thesis stuff, 
me think to share something with you guys.
There is an assumption that
"as we get older, we will get wiser"
err are you guys TOTALLY AGREED ??
But why certain people, still and keep making plenty of mistakes?
It's just that we make new ones, different ones.
Yes, we do learn from experience and may not make the same mistakes again.
But the real secret is, 
To accept this and not to beat ourself up when we do make new ones.
Be forgiving and accept that it's all part of that growing older.

Ageing seems to be something that happens to.
But it does happen to us all and we have no choice but to embrace it and roll with it.
Whatever we do and however we are, the fact is,
We are going to get older and this ageing process does seem to speed up as we get older.

Just look at this way.
The older we get, the more areas we've covered to make mistakes in.
Time does heal and things do get better as you get older.
Yes, the more mistakes you've made, the less likely that you'll come up with new ones.

I'm happy of my life even year by year our age are getting increased.
Don't worry guys, just live your life and enjoyed!
Live happily with all those people can make you smile, forgive every mistakes that people do toward us.
Be a good human being in this world.
Remember, age is just a number!