Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers was awesome!

Hye everyone.
Well, last night I went to watch "The Avengers" with my family.
Aha at the first I am not really know what this film is all about.
Basically, I just know that in this film there is a  combination of Captain America, the Hulk, IronMan and the Black Widow.

The main actor and actress was 
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, 
ScarJo as Black Widow, 
Chris Evans as Captain America, 
Chris Hemsworth as Thor, 
The Downey Jr. as Iron Man, 
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye 
Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. 

12.15am was the show.
I'm afraid that I will be sleeping. Haha
But I'm not.
So, yeay!
Seriously speaking huh, the Avengers was SUPER DUPER AWESOME people!
Sangat sangat BEST okayy
Those who doesn't have any intention to watch, please change your mind set.
You will be not dissapoint.
Trust me yaw

Aha i am so in love with the Mr Barton in this movie!
"The Hawkeye"
He was hot! Haha
And yes, i'm really admire the black widow, Miss Natasha Romanoff.
She was beautiful and smart! 
Ouh ya, as well, th IronMan.
Serious, he was too funny and always funny.
Haha please go and watch people.

I am very impressive with the Hollywood's production movie.
They always think beyond our imagination.
That was cool.
Well, i will go for the second time to watch again.
Berbaloi sangat.

Them! <3 <3