Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone.
Today is 11th of September 2012.
My second day of new semester. in my 3rd year!
Woh now i am a senior among juniors!
Hahaha *devil laugh*

For the 1st week, there will no busy at all.
Chances to watch movie and everything are there!
But for the 3rd year students like me, i have to well-prepare my beginning thesis or i can say i have to draft it first!
But yet, i need to meet my mentor first, Dr Nora Muda for all the details.
I don't even know yet who will be my supervisor later.
And i keep praying to say that Dr Nora will be the one.
Hehe she so nice!

So, my aim for this semester on my final year, I will do my best and try to be chill with my thesis assignments and any other projects.
Hopefully everything will be done on the date they require.
Wish me luck people!

May ALLAH always give me a chances and always give me HIS rahmat.

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