Monday, September 24, 2012

Day By Day

Salam Isnin everyonee.
Dah hampir 3weeks aku kat ukm, and continue my studyy for my final year.
But i don't know why, but i felt ike something was not right in every single things that i do.
Feeling lonely in college makes me felt like i wanna stay at home each single day!
But i know, i can't.
So, let me tell a bit how was my class going on.

On monday, there will be only 1 class.
ONLY okay.
Haha tuesday for only 1 class too, but difference for wednesday which is from 9am till 1pm.
Its quite pack on thursday. (actually really pack!)
i got 3 classes straight from 11am till 2pm.
zZzzz mengantok tawuuu =.="
on friday, i am so sick sebab ada clas petang till 5.30pm!

we are statistics students! :) #PPSM #UKM

tapi yg bestnya, every weekend i would never give a chance utk balik puchong
well, sebenarnya mmg kena jumpa ibu everyweek.
cepat rindu!
biar lah org nak kata apa, manja or what.
its my home, my family, and my money woi!
haha kesiaaang yg duk jauh2.
berhenti lah cemburu dgn orang.
hehe bai!



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