Sunday, January 1, 2012


say bye2 to 2011.
its a new number now, 2012.
people, do not ever forget what has been happening in 2011.
memories will never fade.

there's many things happen. many things gone.
happiness. sadness. madness.
in life. in love. in friendship.

i  love my life, even sometimes it makes me hurt and painful.
value of life you will never can measure it.
especially in friendship and love.
the only love in my heart, are belongs to my family and friends.
sometimes i really think that i need to have a boyfriend, who will always be with me.
but actually i don't have to.
i don't need people who just take an advantages to me.
i need a person, who really love me for who i am.
loving me WITHOUT any condition.
and always bring me to the right path.

forget everything that make you hurt. 
everything that make you feel like wanna to angry.
life will not be in a peace, if you still have this feelings.
i am not an angel that will not feel any angry.
but i know, as a normal human being, there's always a forgiveness that i should do.
that everyone should do.

thank you 2011.
welcome a new chapter, 2012.
be nice to me.
Allah, please makes my way smooth :)

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