Tuesday, July 3, 2012

when my heart has to say something

I miss people easily. I remember people easily. 
But I don't forget people easily. 
I have this weird thoughts every night about what had happened through out my whole life. 
Mostly, about all of the human beings that has been in and out of my life.

Make it this way,
I do miss some part of my past. Who doesn't ? 
As much as you hate it or you're forcing yourself to hate it in order to forget about it, sometimes you do miss it. 
Lumrah hidup, setiap manusia di beri kenangan yang berbeza-beza. 
Kalau semua ada kenangan yang sama, mana nak datang perbezaannya. 
Semua takkan sama, hati kita pun lain-lain.

When you kept missing something that still haunts you to let go but you still can't.
When all of the good and bad memories together still lingers in your brain cells.
And you burst into tears, unintentionally.

Yes, sometimes we do miss some things that we shall forget a long time ago.
The thoughts of your brain can fool you, but not the thoughts of your heart. 
When there's a slight tick in your heart that tingles remembering all the good and bad times in your past, I know there's nothing much we can do. 
But..yes, I admit. 
I do miss it at times.

There's one thing you ought to know,
It doesn't mean if I miss someone, I miss our memories, 
I desperately want them back in my life.
I moved on, but I won't lie to myself if there are times my brain won't digest the fact that some things shall be forgotten. 
That's who I am, I don't forget things that puts me through so much pain, 
I kept forgetting them on and on. 
Because the more I force myself to forget about it, the more I felt it hits me to the core.

And, it doesn't mean if I remembered all the pain and heartache I've been through I'm gathering all the heartache and revenge all over my veins. 
It's just something I remember, of what I had in the past.
Nothing more, nothing less.
But mostly, not wanting anything back.
Please don't underestimate the way I miss things.
Maybe we can just accept the fact that I don't forget things, and I'll accept the fact that some people walk away.

Special thanks > LTG :) 

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