Monday, March 5, 2012

My 21st Celebration Day :)

Hye Everyone.
Aha today is already 5th of march.
On the 3rd march, I was celebrating my birthday celebration with all closes family and my friends.
Thankyou to all of them.
You guys makes my party perfect and meaningful to me :)
So Much.

So, there's so many things that I wish for since my new age.
It is not just a number, but more to how matured are you now to continue your life.
With new age, new environment and maybe a new people who will come and walk away from your life.
It is not the present that i wanted/waiting for.
It is complete already with those people's wish and doa for me.
Thankyou guys.

Especially to my family.
For making a great party and very suprising me.
For all friends, thankyou for being there with me.

 happy 21st to me. haha!

 my besties :) 

 together we are. SMKS1 students rocks!

 i really hate the thing yang adik spray! urgh =.= messy already

 coursemates :)

 friends from ukm. thanks for coming :) 

 musical chair! yeay

 my little twins. aha to be correct, my eldest sister :) 

 meet my everything, ibu :)

aha. don't think too much. they're playing the 'twister'. haha best!

That's all I wanna to share.
Next coming is my besties birthday.
Hadoi, what to buy.

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