Sunday, July 10, 2011

moving on people :)

It is time to begin moving on in life.
Whenever we feel stuck in a job, relationship, or other situation. 
If we have had a relationship break up, or have been fired, 
find constructive ways to let go of the past.
Move on, and build a great new life.

Is it easy to move on? 
Hmm its not.
It is almost never easy to let go of the past
Often, gathering the courage to move on in our life can be one of the hardest challenges we have ever faced. 
It is completely natural and the essence of human nature.
We are creatures of habit. 
We want to believe that tomorrow will be just like yesterday.
Even if yesterday was unpleasant.

When making the difficult choice to let go of a painful situation, try to create a new future.
Do make a special effort to find those elements of our past that are still valid.
To which we can still hold firm. 
Identify those friends and family members who will support us in our new career, or our new relationship. 
hope so huh =.=
In short, decisively BREAK those ties that are limiting our future.
reaffirm those connections that support our true self :) 

p/s : happy birthday to my 'bestfrensampaimati', NATASHA ROSLI :)

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